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Advertising Business Models

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Advertising Models


1.  Unique model:  Using advertising to give other products away free:   Yes, companies actually give products away for free, but support that content with advertising.  This occurs on the internet (the most common business model here...see all of the free content, supported by ads), as well as off-line.   In this section, we are going to focus on some of these "real world" business models in which people give their product away for fee,but then support that activity with advertising.  Add your thoughts as you like (this is a wiki)


2.  Online Advertising:  Online Advertising market explained:   Basic business model for blogs:  sell advertising, hopefully not just google ads..but specialized ads for your industry.  Sell ads, and attract an audience by advertising.   Model = make more money with ads on your site, than you spend advertising your site.   read more: online advertising

Mobile Advertising


With the combination of mobile phones + location tracking + internet....there should be some very interesting business models in the future





Admob brings mobile ad network to Facebook

Spiral Death Watch: Newspaper Ads In The Can


Advertising inside of documents


Yahoo Offers Contextual Advertising In PDFs; Yes, PDFs














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