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see end of cheap food for a discussion about how ethanol subsidies in the USA are resulting in food shortages (and price increases) in corn and other agricultural products around the world.  One example of a by product of rising agricultural prices (as a result of US ethanol policy) is the increasing prices in the beer industry.



also see: 

common agricultural policy, which is a policy engaged in by the European Union which has the effect of screwing up commodity prices around the world.



Rice:  Scientists are racing to develop strains of "super rice"... Researchers say tough, highly productive rice plants offer the best hope for feeding a world population that will reach 9 billion by 2050. And their quest to create these plants is producing an explosion of scientific papers on rice genetics — three of which appear in leading scientific journals this week.  The push for new rice varieties comes four decades after scientists at the International Rice Research Institute in the Philippines developed a rice plant called IR8 that put its energy into making more rice grains, rather than longer stalks.  "It's essentially doubled rice production in Asia," says Robert Zeigler, IRRI's director general. "It has allowed food supplies in Asia to grow faster, or at least as fast as, population. So we've averted the famines."  But rice production will have to double again by 2050 to keep up with demand. That will mean creating plants that can thrive despite floods, droughts and plant diseases. And those are difficult traits to breed into a plant, Zeigler says... read more from NPR




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C cont.





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