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Table of Contents:



Relationship betwen China & SE Asia:


Much like the US is with their supply base....China typically runs an import balance greater than exports, meaning they run a current account deficit with SE Asia.  But, surprisingly, the level of imports recently dropped off significantly as China cut back orders in response to the credit crisis of 2007



Countries in Asia:  as reviewd by economic development:


the first out the gate:



the Two "new superpowers" of Asia





East Asia:  the “four tigers”

South Korea



Hong Kong




Other countries with economic potential








Supplier and beneficiary

Australia  (getting rich supplying China with raw materials)









Trade blocs





Investment promotion agencies:


Brunei Brunei Economic Development Board

Indonesia Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM)

Laos Lao Dpt of Domestic & Foreign Investment (DDFI)

Malaysia Malaysian Industrial Development Authority (MIDA)

Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea - Investment Promotion Authority

Philippines Philippines Board of Investment

Singapore Singapore Economic Development Board

Thailand Board of Investment - Thailand

Vietnam DPI HCMC Vietnam




Maps of Asia:




Image:Asia satellite orthographic.jpg










Table of territories and regions

Name of territory,

with flag




(1 July 2002 est.)

Population density

(per km²)

Eastern Asia:
Flag of the People's Republic of China China[2] 9,584,492 1,284,303,705 134.0 Beijing
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong (China)[3] 1,092 7,303,334 6,688.0
Flag of Japan Japan 377,835 126,974,628 336.1 Tokyo
Flag of Macau Macau (China)[4] 25 461,833 18,473.3
Flag of Mongolia Mongolia 1,565,000 2,694,432 1.7 Ulaanbaatar
Flag of North Korea North Korea 120,540 22,224,195 184.4 Pyongyang
Flag of South Korea South Korea 98,480 48,324,000 490.7 Seoul
Flag of the Republic of China Republic of China[5] 35,980 22,548,009 626.7 Taipei
Southeastern Asia:
Flag of Brunei Brunei 5,770 350,898 60.8 Bandar Seri Begawan
Flag of Cambodia Cambodia 181,040 12,775,324 70.6 Phnom Penh
Flag of Indonesia Indonesia[6] 1,919,440 231,328,092 120.5 Jakarta
Flag of Laos Laos 236,800 5,777,180 24.4 Vientiane
Flag of Malaysia Malaysia 329,750 22,662,365 68.7 Kuala Lumpur
Flag of Burma Myanmar (Burma) 678,500 42,238,224 62.3 Naypyidaw
Flag of the Philippines Philippines 300,000 84,525,639 281.8 Manila
Flag of Singapore Singapore 693 4,452,732 6,425.3 Singapore
Flag of Thailand Thailand 514,000 62,354,402 121.3 Bangkok
Flag of East Timor Timor-Leste (East Timor)[7] 15,007 952,618 63.5 Dili
Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 329,560 81,098,416 246.1 Hanoi
Southern Asia:
Flag of Afghanistan Afghanistan 647,500 27,755,775 42.9 Kabul
Flag of Bangladesh Bangladesh 144,000 133,376,684 926.2 Dhaka
Flag of India India 3,064,898 1,045,845,226 341.2 New Delhi
Flag of the Maldives Maldives 300 320,165 1,067.2 Malé
Flag of Nepal Nepal 140,800 25,873,917 183.8 Kathmandu
Flag of Pakistan Pakistan 803,940 147,663,429 183.7 Islamabad
Flag of Sri Lanka Sri Lanka 65,610 19,576,783 298.4 Colombo
Flag of Iran Iran 1,648,195 km 70,472,846 42 Tehran




Marketing in Asia




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