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Brazil (investing in Brazil Guide)

This is our Brazil guide for investors, with links to our many, many pages of content on Brazil....



Table of Contents:





Business Guide


Reasons for Doing Business with Brazil

    * Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America

    * The 8th largest economy in the world

    * After years with a protectionist economy it is opening for foreign competition

    * Government commitment to privatization and lower tariffs

    * Stable Democratic government

    * Huge potential growth especially in the consumer market

    * Gateway to Mercosul



**Course: Doing Business in Brazil**

The founder of GloboTrends, Brian Butler, is organizing courses on "Doing Business in Brazil" with Summit Global Education  






Course:  Doing Business in Brazil (GlobalEDGE Course from MSU)

Doing Business in Brazil
The module on Brazil provides one with information on: the enormous potential for doing business here; cultural practices; tips, tools, and information about typical practices in daily business; the state of logistics and transportation; current political and social issues facing the country; and important business factors that directly affect costs of doing business, including the labor force and taxes. Included is also a case study on the Amazon rainforest.
CategoryDoing Business In




Business Regions

Almost 90% of the 162 million people in Brazil live along the coastal regions and most are concentrated in the Southeast. Therefore, most of the Brazilian market is distributed in the same way. Brazil has an urban population of 80% with most urban areas located along the coast.



São Paulo

The state of São Paulo is probably the most recognized business center in Brazil with around 36.2% of the country's industrial production. The city of São Paulo is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and accounts for half of the GDP of the state and 18% of the nation. While the city of São Paulo is highly recognized by the rest of the world, the rest of the state, called the "interior" is often ignored. The interior of São Paulo is a very rich industrial and agricultural region. The interior accounts for 15% of national consumption and is responsible for 25% of the nation's industrial production.


Sao Paulo

The third-largest city in the world, São Paulo packs a population of 19 million people into an area only about three times larger in size than Paris. São Paulo is a city so busy that executives routinely use helicopters to skip from office to office; on the ground, ultramodern office buildings share wide, European-style boulevards with 16th century churches erected by Jesuit missionaries. The state of São Paulo, with a population approaching 40 million people, is itself one of the busiest crossroads in South America; its airports serve 19 million passengers per year.  Additional information about São Paulo:



Rio de Janeiro

Probably the most famous city in Brazil is Rio de Janeiro. Rio is the second largest city in Brazil, more famous for tourism than for international business. However, Rio is not only for tourists. The city has a vibrant business district and many of the benefits from being the former nation's capital up to 1960, like the National Library. Rio de Janeiro is home to many of Brazil's largest and most important companies and many multi-national corporations have their corporate headquarters located in Rio.


Belo Horizonte

Belo Horizonte is Brazil's third largest city, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, and one of the fastest growing business centers in the nation. Belo Horizonte is most famous for being the center of a region with rich mineral deposits, representing the state of Minas Gerais which accounts for half of Brazil's mineral production. Precious minerals such as diamonds and gold are still found in the region. Belo Horizonte is also a strong manufacturing center which includes steel products, automobiles and textiles, as well as an agricultural distribution and processing center for the region.



Curitiba, is the capital of the state of Paraná, located in the south of Brazil. The city has a rich colonization history which includes a large number of German and Italian immigrants. The city has received international attention for its creative and efficient city planning. Curitiba is also one of Brazil's centers of high technology, particularly in the area of information technology. The city recently inaugurated an industrial center called the Software Park, which brings together both technology-based firms and high value added service firms.


Other Cities

Other cities which are increasingly important and should not be overlooked include, Florianópolis and Joinvile, also centers of high technology, located in the state of Santa Catarina, Porto Alegre in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Campinas in the state of São Paulo, and of course Brazil's capital, Brasília.


Cultural Aspects

Brazilians are very friendly people, social interaction is very important. Generally, Brazilian business people like to meet more than once, and they like to get to know one another before doing business. They like to converse over long lunches, and usually drinks are allowed. Brazilians like to take their time when it comes to closing deals, so don't expect business deals to be rushed.


Business Attire

Suits are common in the work place, especially for executives. However in the Northeast and North, since it is always hot, suits are less common. Business hours are normally from 8:30 AM to 12:00PM, lunch periods usually are from 12 to 2PM and the day ends, between 5 to 6 PM, from Monday through Friday.


Commerce hours

from 9 AM to 7PM from Monday through Friday and 9 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays, stores are usually closed on Sundays. Shopping Centers open from 10AM to 10PM from Monday-Saturday.






Brazil News:  Blogs about Brazil:



GloboTrends guide to Brazil: (click links below)






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other wikis:


Brazil Gov't


Brazil: Brazilian Trade Promotion Network
Within the Ministry of Foreign Relations of Brazil, the Trade Promotion Department (DPR) offers this site through the BrazilTradeNet. This web site offers information for potential investors in Brazil. In addition to a foreign investor's guide, important addresses, information on company formation, and a listing of trade fairs can also be found. (Free registration required and the site is also available in Spanish)

Brazil: Business in Brazil
Business in Brazil is provided by the Brazil Embassy in London and includes information on the evolving Brazilian economy and trade policies as well as in-depth travel, trade, foreign policy, and culture information.

Brazil: Information Services of the Brazilian Embassy
The Washington, D.C. Brazilian embassy provides a wealth of information on Brazil, from economic and political background to trade statistics, investment policies to exporter databases, newsletters to foreign policy issues. Most of the information is under the Brazilian Marketplace section.

Brazil: International Business Centers-Brazilian Network (CNI)
CNI provides background information about Brazil, reports on the economy as well as on investment. The investment report is available in PDF format. The site is also available in Portuguese.

Brazil: Gazeta Mercantil
The gazette is available in Portuguese with some sections available in English. Topics covered include Commerce, International Industry and Services, Legislation, National Marketing, Politics, Telecommunications, Logistics, Computer science, Transport, Agribusiness, Markets and Finances. Registration is required to access.

Brazil: Jornal do Brasil Online
The Brazilian newspaper features a wide variety of news including economic and business news, in Portuguese.

LATIN AMERICA: Business News Americas
Business News Americas (BNA) is a timely, comprehensive on-line digest of business news in Latin America's principal emerging economies. The BNA daily English language Internet and Email service covers the latest breaking news from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela in ten key sectors: Metals, Infrastructure, Banking, Electric Power, Mining, Oil and Gas, Telecommunications, Privatization, Environment, and e-commerce. This service is available with a paid subscription, however, a three week free trial is offered.

Brazil: Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatistica
The Brazilian Statistics Agency provides a wealth of information and statistical data including an annual survey of trade and monthly reports on the Brazilian economy. Available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Brazil: Ministry of External Relations
This website is hosted by the Brazilian government and provides information on many subjects related to Brazil's foreign policy, such as bilateral relations, MERCOSUR, and international relations. There is also information about Brazil's economy and its industries, culture, social policy, and environment.

Brazil: Brazilink
A very complete source of information about different topics in Brazil. In addition to an online forum and newsletter, the web site has a number of sections including politics, finance, environment and education. Economic and social indicators are available as well.

Brazil: Banco Central do Brasil
This Central Bank manages the Brazilian Payment System and Currency supply. It formulates and manages monetary and foreign exchange policies according to the Brazilian Federal Government guidelines. Available in English and Portuguese.

Brazil: Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade
Home of the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Trade this is a comprehensive resource for Brazilian trade. The site contains information about trade barriers, imports, and exports all dealing with Brazil. (Site is in Portuguese)

Canada: Canada-Brazil Trade Portal
The Canada-Brazil Trade Portal has information on doing business with Canada and Brazil. For businesses in either country, the site includes links to government-sponsored trade promotion programs. Visitors to the site can find use in links to company directories, buyer's guides, government agencies, trade show calendars, market research, trade laws and more.

LATIN AMERICA: Mercantil.com
Mercantil.com hosts a database with company directories for the Latin American countries including Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The B2B section, which focuses on SMEs, has a business opportunities, business alerts and imports/exports database.
Brazil: Easy Portuguese
This website provides a grammar guide for beginner and intermediate level Brazilian Portuguese, along with lists of common vocabulary, useful phrases, and quizzes of use to a traveler. There is also a pronunciation guide and audio examples of the words and phrases.

Brazil: Country Commercial Guides
The U.S. Commercial Service's Country Commercial Guides are a rich source for information on the commercial environment of a country. Prepared by U.S. embassy staff, the guides cover the economic and business environment, political climate, trade regulations, investment climate, business travel and a whole range of other trade related information for each featured country.

Brazil: BBC Country Profile
The BBC's "Country Profile" section provides news articles and information on a country.


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