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Carnival in Brazil

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Trio Eletrico


In 1950, two friends decided to adapt an old car so that they could play their instruments during the carnival through the streets of Salvador. It was a success: hundreds of people followed the two friends in their car which amplified the sound of their instruments.

The following year, the duo added another member, thus forming a trio. They adapted a new car, a little bigger, and added a plaque introducing them: The Electric Trio. Due to the success of the idea, several other groups also copied it and began parading on top of a car adapted to amplify the band's sound. And thus the concept of Electric Trio was born.


Trio elétrico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trio_elétricoTrio Elétrico is a kind of truck or float equipped with a high power sound system and a music group on the roof, playing for the crowd. It was created in Bahia ...



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