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computing becomes a utility

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See also our discussion on data centers and   Cloud Computing


Trend: computing becomes a utility;   with services that can be consumed anywhere, by any device


Virtualisation:  technology that allows software running on individual servers to be moved from one data center to another.   The virtual machines may then move from data center to data center looking for where computing power is the cheapest (or greenest).  Making computing a utility. 



More processing moving away from the user and into the ‘Cloud’, along the lines of Nick Carr’s new book The Big Switch, where he argues that computing power becomes a utility. However, Bill says “Moving everything onto the network may appeal in the rich countries of the industrialised world but offers little to rural India or sub-Saharan African countries. And there are massive security and data management issues to be solved.” But the potential benefits are “too great to be ignored.”








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