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selling for less than the cost


very difficult to prove.


Most anti-dumping cases only look at price in one country vs price in other....which is not right....instead you need to look at cost...but how to you know what the actual cost to produce is?  you cant...so anti-dumping is very subjective.


International Pricing issues:


Pricing in international markets is much more tricky because you wont be able to use pricing to directly control the profits that you earn.  Other factors will get in the way, such as Currency fluctuations, interest rates, and local inflation.  As well as changing regulations, tariffs, and trade barriers.    The major issue for international pricing is whether or not to charge different prices to different customers in different countries?  Should you have uniform pricing for all customers?  What if you have a multi-national customer in many different markets...should you charge them one uniform price (based on average costs)?  Probably not.  More likely, you will want to keep control of local pricing and charge local customers based on their ability and willingness to pay, and you will want flexibility to adjust the price to account for varying costs, as well as different competition, and market conditions.   Another key issue for you to consider in international pricing, is how much to charge international subsidiaries of Multinational corporations overseas.  This " transfer pricing " is one of the more heavily regulated areas of international business.




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