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failed state

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early index that Foreign Policy magazine publishes, based on work done by the Fund for Peace. There are two good books written by Robert I. Rotberg, a Harvard professor, which discuss the concept mostly in the context of a series of African nations. Mexico has never been one of the sixty states that the Foreign Policy index tracks and bears little resemblance to those in the list. Nonetheless, the debate has taken hold of the media. 


Although imprecise, the concept of a failed state incorporates issues such as: loss of physical control of its territory or of a monopoly of the legitimate use of force; erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions; an inability to provide reasonable public services; and the inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community. Some writers add themes such as public safety, economic performance and migration. The theoretical foundation for the concept stems from Max Weber, the German sociologist that in the 19th century worked on the issue of legitimacy and what makes a government viable. Those who employ the term “failed” or “failing” state generally mean that a given government has ceased to be capable of keeping the peace because it confronts armed opposition that is at least potentially capable of threatening its existence and because it cannot maintain the rule of rule or some semblance of it.


read more:  http://www.latinbusinesschronicle.com/app/article.aspx?id=3143

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