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Filing taxes for a corporation

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Taxation - Corporations can only deduct net operating losses going back two years and forward 20 years


Reporting after incorporation


* Assuming your corporation has not sold stock to the public, conducting corporate business is remarkably straightforward and uncomplicated. Often it amounts to little more than recording key corporate decisions (for example, borrowing money or buying real estate) and holding an annual meeting. Even these formalities can often be done by written agreement and don't usually necessitate a face-to-face meeting.


You may also be required to file an annual report with the Secretary of State's office of the states you are incorporated and authorized to transact business in. Annual Report Requirements (due dates, information the Secretary of State requests, fees) vary from state to state. For specific information on your company contact the state you are incorporated in or qualified in or request assistance from any number of Annual Report Service Companies like Annual Registration Management Services, LLC or CT Corporation.




**Further resources: mycorporation.com

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