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founder of digg-com used elance

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Kevin Rose Diggs Elance




Kevin Rose, founder of Digg.com, presented at The Future of Web Apps Summit in San Francisco last month, giving a demo and sharing the story behind Digg's launch. (note, he made $60 million dollars in 18 months with digg.com)


In 2003, Kevin had a big idea. He came to Elance to post a project and look for a PHP programmer, selected Owen Byrne (Elance username: permafrost) and worked with him to build the initial product. Eventually, Owen joined Digg full-time.


Today, Digg is one of the most successful and visited websites, Owen Byrne is Digg's Senior Software Engineer, and


listen to the audio http://www.elance.com/p/images/corporate/Kevin_Rose_Diggs_Elance.mp3

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