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Facebook education app gets funding

courses.jpgThe effort to make Facebook more useful for education has gotten a small boost. Inigral, a company behind a Facebook application called Courses, has raised slightly more than half a million in a round led by The Founders Fund, according to VentureWire.

Courses lets you find others in your college classes, then share notes with them, start a forum discussion, do a video chat and more. You can also keep track of assignments, upload your own notes and manage your course activities.

Facebook removed a feature earlier this year that let you list courses on your profile. The feature was useful to Facebook’s core college audience, but the company hoped that by removing it, third parties would be inspired to create better versions.

Many developers have tried, as you can see here, but few have gained any traction. Not that many people have added any of these applications, and once they add them, they hardly come back. The largest only has 3,284 daily active users.

Palo Alto, Calif.-based Inigral was founded in August. It currently has 1,022 daily active users. In September, it smerged with MyCourseList, a rival course listing application.

It also plans to expand to other social networks, reports VentureWire.

Angel investors also participated in the round.

Justin Fishner-Wolfson, a Founders Fund associate, will join Inigral’s board. The Founders Fund founder Peter Thiel was also one of Facebook’s early investors.





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