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money transfer business

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  • page Western Union
    person-to-person money transfer, money orders, and commercial services. As of June 9, 2006, the company has 270,000 Western Union agent locations in over 200 countries and territories. Reported revenues top $3 billion a…
    briandbutler edited 12 mos ago
  • page Financial Services Industry
    people your money, and you pay them a fee to look after it for you. Its a big industry. Professionally managed assets at the end of 2006 was a market of $64 trillion USD. Absolutely huge! &n…
    Brian D Butler edited 2 mos ago
  • page Patrimonio Hoy
    pool their money together at about $100 mexican pesos per week for ten weeks. Each week, one perons would receive $1000 mexican pesos to spend on their home. Each member would contribute for the entire…
    Brian D Butler edited 3 mos ago
  • page Kiva
    people to lend money via the Internet to small businesses in developing countries. It is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization headquartered in San Francisco, supported by donations from its users and through partnerships…
    Brian D Butler edited 3 mos ago
  • page Prosper
    to borrow money. Borrowers set the maximum rate they wish to pay, and loan buyers set the minimum rate they wish to receive. Prosper matches borrowers with loan buyers, verifies borrowers\' identity and personal data be…
    brian edited 1 yr ago
  • page offshore banking
    evasion to money laundering, but careful examination of the true purpose of the Offshore banking accounts, and an unbiased examination of where illicit funds are truly held or “laundered” sheds light on the situatio…
    Brian D Butler edited 3 mos ago
  • page currency hedging
    Options) (d) use the money market to hedge Risk Management When dealing with foreign exchange risk, you have a few choices as a business manager to reduce the risk of currency changes affecting y…
    Brian D Butler edited 6 days ago
  • page CircleLending
    individuals to save money and keep wealth in the family by securing affordable loans from relatives and friends. CircleLending has helped first-time homebuyers, entrepreneurs, students and other individuals access credi…
    briandbutler edited 1 yr ago
  • page Financial Services business models
    large part by money market mutual funds, which saw investors fleeing in droves (heading to the safe haven of US treasuries). What happened is that investors thought the money market funds would not be safe, so the…
    Brian D Butler edited 2 wks ago
  • page transfer pricing
    that keep money invested in China in China. Or, so they hope. For MNC's that have local subsidiaries, you can see how easily that foreign companies can use Tranfer pricing to keep profits out of China …
    brian edited 7 mos ago
  • page Investing in socially good projects
    that [the money] will be paid back at much more beneficial terms for the recipient" than regular lenders might require, says Aubry, the Stanford professor. Banks and Corporations Some community banks may l…
    Brian D Butler edited 6 days ago
  • page Commercial Banking
    They take in money from consumers, and then loan out that same money to other businesses / consumers at a percentage interest rate. But banks are not allowed to invest (loan) out 100% of the money. By law, they are requ…
    Brian D Butler edited 1 mo ago
  • page emerging markets
    opportunity to make money. Both for companies, and for investors. Any entrepreneur that launches a business that can be successful in emerging markets, stands a chance to capture a massive market. The …
    Brian D Butler edited 2 mos ago
  • page Mexico
    it makes money: fees (cost) of trading: will likely increase to one basis point of trades from their present average of 0.7bp....this would bring fees to European levels while leaving them considerably…
    Brian D Butler edited 3 mos ago
  • page The Freemium model
    service. http://money.cnn.com/magazines/business2/business2_archive/2006/10/01/8387115/index.htm !Origin The freemium business model was first articulated by venture capitalist Fred Wilson on March 23, 2006:[3]…
    brian edited 1 yr ago
  • page where to incorporate
    conducting business. This is typically the most simple and cost effective way to operate your business for the following reasons: * Any state that you do business in will require you to file a \"Foreign Qualifica…
    Unknown User edited 1 yr ago
  • page predicting trends in foreign exchange rates
    keep their money in Japanese Yen...everyone would convert it to USD. So, the currency with the lower interest rate must have appreciation, and the currency with the higher interest rate must see depreciation. (for…
  • page Zopa
    an online money exchange, allowing people who have money to lend it directly to people wanting to borrow; without the need to go through banks, a process sometimes referred to as peer-to-peer lending. Extends c…
    brian edited 9 mos ago
  • page peer-to-peer lending
    lender gives money to the borrower against the strength fo the collateral given by borrower. Advantage of this type of model, is that the capital and interest of the lender is secured to the extent of the realisable val…
    briandbutler edited 11 mos ago
  • page Global Directory of Funding
    you find VC money: These are basically venture capital companies without any money; they specialize in helping you find financing. see our discussion on fund finding services PE and VC &nbs…
    Brian D Butler edited 6 days ago
  • page Outsourcing
    make their money. They do look to their prime and executing brokers for investment ideas (research) and for technology for trading, risk management, reporting, etc.. Pricing varies depending on the service. Bac…
    Unknown User edited 5 mos ago
  • page microcredit
    30 in seed money, Advanta is now one of the largest credit card issuers in the US small business market. Ami Kassar, Advanta’s Chief Innovation Officer, explains: “In our years of working with small business owners,…
    Unknown User edited 4 mos ago
  • page Country Analysis
    Portfolio money in Latin America Latin America Politics in Latin America - left vs right Telecom in Latin America Trends in Latin America debt crisis of the 1980s in Latin America economic …
    Brian D Butler edited 1 mo ago
  • page foreign currency trading
    putting your money (for one year) in the US bank at 11% interest, or in Europe at 6% interest, which would you choose? The answer depends upon the exchange rates available, and the amount of depreciation expected over t…
    Brian D Butler edited 1 day ago
  • page opportunities with consumers of low income
    amounts of money to people with even tinier assets”. The firm discussed in the article, Sa-Dhan, argues that the availability of credit to the poor “helps the poor but allows banks to increase their business”. &nb…
    Brian D Butler edited 3 mos ago
  • page internet industry
    a lot of money for Web 2.0 acquisitions. Top acquirers Yahoo and Google, for instance, each spend about a third of their free cash flow on acquisitions. —Search advertising will continue to dominate, ri…
    Brian D Butler edited 1 mo ago
  • page Private Banking
    offshore money in an effort to root out terrorist finances and bring in more tax. Small Swiss private banks are suffering, and the biggest are investing heavily on developing their "onshore" businesses so clients across…
    Brian D Butler edited 2 wks ago
  • page globalization
    significantly save money on local costs. But, very few products are truly able to do so. Think Rolex. note that even Mercedez Benz is forced to localize. Positive effe…
    Brian D Butler edited 1 mo ago


































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