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Rondonia state Brazil

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State of Rondonia


Rondonia is located in the northwestern region of Brazil between the Amazon and Bolivia. It is today what California was in the 19th century -- a land of opportunity. More recently, the state has been spotlighted by the Brazil-Bolivia Natural Gas Pipeline -- a $2 billion project. Opportunities in Rondonia are associated with its natural resources and the need for infrastructure development which will provide the basis for the region's future progress and growth. The sectors that are more promising for U.S. exports or investment are outlined below.


More about the state:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rond%C3%B4nia


Location of State of Rondônia in Brazil




Historically, development in Rondonia has been associated with the exploitation of its natural resources. Currently, the state government is trying to create a rational structure to adequately explore the state's mining resources; plans include the privatization of the Companhia de Mineracao de Rondonia (Rondonia's Mining Company). Tin ore is the most important mineral -- 1993 production was approximately 14,000 tons. The Bom Futuro mine, located in the state of Rondonia, is said to be the largest in the world. The state also has substantial gold reserves.




The state and the region lack appropriate electricity supply and distribution. Porto Velho (State of Rondonia's capital) and nearby Rio Branco (State of Acre's capital) depend on electricity generated by plants powered by diesel, natural gas, and hydropower. There are plans for the construction of gas-powered thermoelectric stations to supply electricity to the states of Acre, Amazonas, and Rondonia as early as 1997. The gas supply may come from Urucu and Jurua, which are located approximately 250 miles from Porto Velho, or from Bolivia.




The vast network of approximately 18,000 miles of navigable rivers in the Amazon region presents a natural alternative for transportation in Rondonia. However, problems such as lack of ports with adequate facilities and natural obstacles which impede continuous navigation prevent full utilization of the waterways. The state government intends to privatize the Port of Porto Velho in the near future (the federal government has already authorized such privatization). With respect to railroads, "Ferronorte" is a project that will help the Amazon region's long-term development. It is the first major private railroad to be constructed in Brazil. Ferronorte will be the first rail connection between the center, north, and south of Brazil.







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