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Sell advertising space on rooftops

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 11 months ago

Sell advertising space on rooftops





Idea originated by : brianbutler

Additional contributors to idea: (if you add anything, feel free to add your name here)











Basic Idea



Sell advertising space on rooftops to and create a buzz ad campaign using google earth satellite imaging. A really neat campaign would be to take a group of houses or buildings, and paint their rooftops as pieces of an ad and then sell that space to a company like coke, and create a buzz of people that go to look at the ad on google earth...








Details of Idea + Strategy



  • Get a bunch of houses together, and paint roofs for Coca-Cola ad, or Budweiser…make it massive, and public event stunt…get attention…people make $ with painting house, we make money off of # of views, Google makes money for viewer ratings (#tracking of viewers)





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