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Social Entrepreneurship organizations

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Social Entrepreneurship organizations



MBA's without Borders:

MBAs Without Borders was formed as an international not-for-profit organization bringing innovative solutions to developing countries by matching experienced business volunteers with local businesses and NGOs to unleash a big secret…Business Can do Amazing Things!.  MBAs Without Borders partners with international and local businesses and not-for-profi ts working toward the better good of developing countries and we recruit MBAs who best support such organizations.  http://www.mbaswithoutborders.org






Investors without Borders: 

Investors Without Borders (IWB) will link the global investor community with opportunities to lend directly to Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries. Through its proprietary web-based peer-to-peer lending and credit assessment platform, IWB will help investors generate a financial return while engaging in social and economic development initiatives. Investors can finance loan requests for as little as $100 while connecting with SMEs anywhere in the world. SMEs gain access to affordable loans and expand their exposure and networks abroad.  IWB fills the void between microfinance and institutional finance.Our investments target growth-oriented SMEs with the least access to capital, yet the greatest potential to innovate, create jobs, and generate solid returns. IWB will launch in 2008 in Ghana, West Africa, with additional investment regions to follow. IWB is a self-funded start-up company, consisting of the Founder/managing director, advisory board, and a strong network of ancillary advisors, pro bono consultants, and volunteers. Additional networks, research, and strategic direction is provided through The George Washington University: www.investorswithoutborders.net



SIFE - Students in Free Enterprise





Aid Through Trade

Aj Quen


Beacon of Hope

De la Selva

Development Wheel

Footloose Tanzania

General Welfare Pratisthan


La Chamba

Lao Women's Union

Nan Women's Sewing Cooperative

Noah's Ark

Preda Fair Trade


Taxco Women's Jewelry Cooperative

Tesoros Trading Company




Africa Smiles

Alize Sarl Landy (Alasora, Madagascar)

Bombolulu Workshop (Kenya)

ED Imports (Kenya)

Egypt Crafts (Egypt)

Gone Rural (Swaziland)

John Nyakusengwa (Harare, Zimbabwe)

Kisii artisans (Kisii, Kenya)

Mbare Ltd. (Zimbabwe, Kenya)

Muungano Artists Self Help Group (Kenya)

Nagada Silk Weaving Project (Egypt)

NAWOU (Uganda)

Rabane Emoi (Madagascar)

Rootz Creationz (Durban, South Africa)

Streetwires (Cape Town, South Africa)

Swahili Imports (Kenya, South Africa, Ghana)

Trinity Jewelry (Kenya)

Uganda Crafts (Uganda)

Undugu (Kenya)

Serrv International






Circle of the Sun, Bolivia

Aj Quen Weavers (Guatemala)

ArtCamp (Mexico)

Arte en Mate (Peru)

Artesanos de Pomaire (Chile)

Circle of the Sun (Alto Plano and Central Highlands, Bolivia)

Comparte (Chile)

Cooperative of Cinco Pinos (Nicaragua)

CreArte (Guatemala)

De Colores (Guatemala)

Florentino Quispe (Peru)

Intiwarmi (Bolivia)

Jaime Rosselot (Chile)

Jessica Palacios (Chile)

Jolom Mayaetik (Chiapas, Mexico)

Joyeria Semilla (Colombia)

Madero de Jesus (Chalatenango, El Salvador)

Manos Amigas (Peru)

Mariposa Indigenous Arts (Costa Rica)

Maritza Quintero (Chile)

Maya Traditions (Guatemala)

Mercado Global (Guatemala)

Miguel Salinas (Chile)

No Artisan Group

Other Artisans - Americas

Patricia Gonzalez (Chile)

Piel Acida (Colombia)

Recycled Planet (Brazil)

Reed Basket Weavers (Huanchaco, Peru)

Rene Cerda (Chile)

Rene Oses (Chile)

S.H.A.P.E (Haiti)

Salvarte (Colombia)

San Antonio Palopo Weavers (Guatemala)

Taxco Women's Jewelry Cooperative (Mexico)

Taxco Women's Jewelry Cooperative (Mexico)

Tiendas Campesinas Camari (Ecuador)

UKUSH (Guatemala)

Serrv International





Baskets of Cambodia, Cambodia

Aid Thru Trade (Nepal)

Asha Handicrafts (India)

Au Lac Designs (Vietnam)

Ban Nong Kong (Thailand)

Baskets of Cambodia (Siem Reap, Cambodia)

Chainat Basket (Thailand)

Cheppu Himal (Kathmandu, Nepal)

Conserve (New Delhi, India)

Craftlink (Vietnam)

Deepak Joshi (Nepal)

Dwaraka (India)

Ecofriendly Paper (Sanganer, Rajasthan, India)

Freeset bags (Calcutta, India)

Fuen Fu (Thailand)

Godavari Delta Lacemakers (India)

Handloom Ikat weavers (Indonesia)

HEED Handicrafts (Bangladesh)

Himalayan Healthcare (Nepal)

Independant Artisans (Kathmandu, Nepal)

India Marketplace (India)

Issan Weavers

Kaithun Weavers (Rajasthan, India)

Kala Aparajita (Gujarat and Orissa, India)

Kandahar Trading Company (India)

Kandari (Bali, Indonesia)

Khom Loy Project (Thailand)

KMVS (Kutch, India)

Lanka Jathika Sarvodaya (Sri Lanka)

Lao Women's Union (Laos)

Lao Women’s Union (Vientiane, Laos)

Marusthali Bunker Vikas Samiti (Meghwal, Rajasthan, India)

Maya Organic (Karnataka, India)

Mayadevi Imports (India)

MitraBali (Bali, Indonesia)

MKS (India)

Namm Intertrade (India)

Nan Women's Sewing Cooperative (Thailand)

Nan Women's Sewing Cooperative (Thailand)

Narathiwat Basket (Thailand)

Nazir Creations (Nepal)

NCDP (Cambodia)

Other Artisans - Asia

Padang Coconut (Thailand)

PRADAN (India)

PREDA (Philippines)

Ramona Enterprises (India)

RCC (Cambodia)

Rupalee Exclusifs (India)

Sarwan (Nepal)

Sasha (India)

Sentosa (Cambodia)

Shiva Shakthi (India)

Spiral Foundation (Vietnam and Nepal)

Tara Projects (Gujarat, India)

Teddy Exports (Tamil Nadu, India)

Thai Payap (Thailand)

Thai Tribal Craft (Thailand)

ThaiCraft (Thailand)

Tibet Collection (Nepal & India)

Toucan Krafte (India)

Tribal Fiber (Thailand)

Van Klee (Indonesia)

Vieng Sai Weavers (Laos)

Village Weavers (Thailand)

Volga River Trading Company (Russia)

Wild Boar Creek (Cambodia)

Yak and Yeti (Nepal)

Serrv International

Ten Thousand Villages



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