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somebody should

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Somebody Should....


Did you ever have an idea that you thought could change the world? If only you were in the position to make that happen. It’s the kind of idea that you wished you could share with the people that were able to make it happen.


Did you ever wish the packaging on a bottle was easier to open? Or, that your remote control would operate all of your appliances? Or, did you ever wish that somebody would design a product to do XYZ ?


all ideas


If you have an idea that you think you might turn into a business one day, then by all means...keep it secret.

But, if you know that you will never do it...then, please...share it with the world, and let’s make it happen!


My idea is that wannabe entrepreneurs could use this site as a resource for idea finding. The rest of us can use this site as a means of venting all of our really great ideas that we wish somebody else would implement!



Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling....







Please help build this site by adding you own ideas...maybe one day you will see them come true! add content


**Here is a link to a website with many good ideas:


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