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Table of Contents:


Global Trends - population, health, more

an excellent video with visual graphs showing macro global trends in health, wealth, internet penetration

Hans Rosling - what an enthusiastic, energetic statistician

Take 5-minutes to check out this fantastic presentation of world statistics and gain new insights into positive trends.
This is truly educational & enlightening !
The speaker is fabulous! 






Consumer Trends:

  see full list of consumer trends here: consumer trends


     2011 consumer trends from trendwatching.com: 

  1. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS: In 2011, there will be no excuses left not to be kind as a brand. Here's why... Read more »
  2. URBANOMICS: Are you ready for hundreds of millions of more daring, more experienced consumers? And that's just one side effect of rapid global urbanization... Read more »
  3. PRICING PANDEMONIUM: Flash sales, group buying, GPS-driven deals: in 2011 pricing will never be the same... Read more »
  4. MADE FOR CHINA (IF NOT BRIC): In 2011, expect an increasing number of 'Western' brands to launch new products or even new brands dedicated (if not paying proper respect) to consumers in emerging markets... Read more »
  5. ONLINE STATUS SYMBOLS: In 2011, you can’t go wrong supplying your (online-loving) customers with any kind of symbol, virtual or 'real world', that helps them display to peers their online contributions, creations or popularity...Read more »
  6. WELLTHY: As good health is now as important to some consumers as having the biggest, newest or shiniest status symbols, growing numbers of consumers will expect health products and services in 2011 to prevent misery (if not improve their quality of life), rather than merely treating illnesses and ailments...Read more »
  7. SOCIAL-LITES AND TWINSUMERS: SOCIAL-LITES are all about discovery, as consumers become curators; actively broadcasting, remixing, compiling, commenting, sharing and recommending content, products, purchases, experiences to both their friends and wider audiences... Read more »
  8. EMERGING GENEROSITY: In 2011, brands and wealthy individuals from emerging markets (yes, especially China) will increasingly be expected to give, donate, care and sympathize versus just sell and take. And not just in their home countries, but on a global scale... Read more »
  9. PLANNED SPONTANEITY: With lifestyles having become fragmented, with dense urban environments offering consumers any number of instantly available options, and with cell/smartphones having created a generation who have little experience of making (or sticking to) rigid plans, 2011 will see full-on PLANNED SPONTANEITY... Read more »
  10. ECO SUPERIOR: When it comes to 'green consumption' in 2011, expect a rise in ECO-SUPERIOR products: products that are not only eco-friendly, but superior to polluting incumbents in every possible way... Read more »
  11. OWNER-LESS: 2011 could be the year when sharing and renting really tips into mainstream consumer consciousness... Read more »


read more from GloboTrends here:  consumer trends  



Trend Watching:

In GloboTrends, we believe that it is essential for investors to be aware of the global trends that can affect your business decisions.  There are underlying macro economic trends that can create a business opportunity (or kill one).  Pay close attention, and look for your chance to use them to create new business opportunities.... 


Trend Watching:



Futurists & trend watchers



Here is a list of sites that try to predict what is going to happen next....enjoy...

predicting the future 


What direction is our economy heading?


see our list/ discussion of economic indicators



Mega Trends



Using Google to track trends:


Google Trends, which shows how often a particular search term is entered relative to the total search volume across various regions of the world


Google’s “Insights for Search”, a beta service that analyzes a portion of worldwide Google web searches from all Google domains to compute how many searches have been done for the terms you’ve entered - relative to the total number of searches done on Google over time - gives an even better overview:



Tech trends



Finance & startup capital trends




New Developments:




Travel Trends 




Emerging market trends



Consumer Trends



Geographical Specific trends



























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