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Upgrade to New Yorks Coney Island

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Upgrade to New Yorks Coney Island



Idea originated by : brianbutler

Additional contributors to idea: (if you add anything, feel free to add your name here)



Basic Idea




When i was living in Manhattan for a few years, I used to dream of different ways to leave the city on weekends. One weekend, I was thinking about going to a theme park, and looked on line for Six Flags, but found none close by. Like a typical manhattan city dweller, i had no car, so i was limited by the local train routes. Then I looked at Coney Island. Here is a cultural landmark that has fallin into dis-favor with the social crowd in Manhattan. But it wasnt always that way. Coney Island used to be world class. So , with a brand that is world-known, and an easy link to the masses in Manhattan just looking for some escape from the city, i thought somebody should rebuild this park. Maybe Disney? Maybe Six Flags? I wanted to tell everybody about my great idea!



the park is kind of like this now:




Should turn it more like:


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