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Wimax is a wireless technology that can deliver high speed broadband over long distances. It is already big in the US with companies such as Sprint and Intel backing the technology. Some areas of the developed world, such as Abuja in Nigeria, are also trialling the technology.


But, according to analyst Mike Roberts of research firm Informa Media and Telecoms, it has never taken off in Europe. But, he said, that could all change in 2008. "Next year could be the first year that we see some of the major deployments of Wimax in Europe," he said. Milton Keynes has just launched what it claims if the first commercial Wimax service in the UK. The aim, according to a spokesperson was to "make Milton Keynes the first WiMax-powered wireless internet city." According to Mr Roberts others could follow suit particularly if a big player such as BT was "able to get its hands on the right spectrum".





Enforta BV, a Moscow-based WiMax network operator for Russia, has raised $40 million inSeries Cfunding. Bessemer Venture Partners led the round, and was joined by return backers Baring Vostok Capital Partners, Sumitomo Corp. and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. www.enforta.com



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Clearwire, the company that is building WiMax, a new wireless technology boosts the performance of wireless broadband, has raised $600 million in its initial public offering. It begins trading today.


Clearwire, of Kirkland, Wash., reported a net loss of $240 million last year, largely because it is building out its WiMax network, and has yet to start selling it. It remains a big risk. Sprint-Nextel plans to roll out a competing WiMax network next year, and there are many other competing offerings outside of WiMax.


WiMax differs from WiFi in that it has much longer ranges — as much as 10 miles vs. WiFi’s reach of a few hundred feet.


The IPO priced this morning at $25 a share, at the top of its planned range. The IPO is signficiant because the stock markets have been jittery lately, the Nasdaq having lost more than 6 percent of its worth since WiMax filed its IPO papers. Telecom IPOs have been rare. Clearwire’s biggest backers are Motorola ($300 million invested) and Intel ($600 million invested)





Sprint Nextel changing WiMax plans? — Sprint may be rethinking its plans to offer high-speed wireless Internet service using WiMax technology, possibly merging its wireless broadband unit with start-up Clearwire, according to the WSJ.



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