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www businessplanposting com

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On the WEB








In Print


they have an interesting product where you can post your plan in a print "magazine", which get physically distributed at conferences (DEMO,etc)


Click here for an example:

Busines plan posting_Ventue_Market_Listing.pdf


"For just $295 you will be able to reach a broad audience and expose your company and ideas to thousands of investors at more than 30 venture capital related events during the year."



Put your company in the spotlight!Listing Example

Never has there been an easier way to gain the exposure you need and place your company directly in front of venture capital's most important investors!

Aside from subscribers and newsstands, American Venture Magazine is sent to over 30 venture capital related events throughout the year, events that VCs flock to for information about the most promising upcoming companies.

Here are just a few examples of the conferences where American Venture Magazine makes an appearance:

  • DEMO/DEMOfall
  • GreenVest
  • CONNECTIONS Digital Living Conference & Showcase
  • Dow Jones events
  • The Deal events
  • IBF events

Get yourself and your company there by listing in American Venture Network's print publication, an industry leader that is seen by thousands of VCs.

Just $295 will get you listed, printed and sent directly to the audience that has the funds you need.

Act now to find the exposure and funds you've been looking for!

Get noticed, Get listed!!!!!

Click here for more information



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