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You Tube



YouTube: their advantage is built deeply within the fact that they have revolutionized the experience of media consumption/production - true value is generated within such an experience (it's not about the videos) + the fact that that experience can be shared beyond, and is not limited to, the YouTube site.  Compare that experience to that offered by MTV or the many many similar "old" models.



YouTube's Challenges to monetize content:


You'll notice very few ad units while surfing YouTube, and none at all while watching videos contributed by ordinary folk like you or me. The reason? Google fears the legal repercussions of monetizing user generated content that may infringe on somebody else's copyright.  But YouTube's homepage is different since it merely displays thumbnails that may lead to infringing content. And it has capitalized on that page by selling a video ad unit in the upper right-hand corner for $175,000 per day (plus a commitment to buy $50,000 more in advertising elsewhere on YouTube or Google).  read more here



Links from KookyPlan



See also: google (GOOG), which purchased YouTube for $1.65 Billion in 2006.



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