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Top Universities offering European Union studies programs

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In Europe:


The "Jean Monnet Programme":

Named after a French entrepreneur who in the aftermath of the Second World War played a key-role in the creation of what later became the European Union, the Jean Monnet programme was introduced in 1989 to help universities set up departments and courses on European studies.  


"It has since expanded to 62 countries all over the world and reaches 250,000 students every year, with an annual budget of over €23 million.


see also the official website:  The Jean Monnet programme



Table of Contents:


Programs funded by EU money (Monnet program)


The bulk of the funding, almost €18 million in 2009, goes to six special institutions entirely devoted to EU studies:

  1. the Belgium and Poland-based "College of Europe," seen as the main recruiting pool for the young staff populating the EU institutions,
  2. the Italian "European University Institute," which focuses more on academic research. 
  3. The European Institute of Public Administration based in the Dutch city of Maastricht, with further facilities in Luxembourg, Barcelona Warsaw and Brussels, is also funded by the scheme,
  4. the Academy of European Law in Germany.
  5. the International Centre for European Training offering a combined masters degree in France, Germany and Turkey 
  6. the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education, based in Denmark and aimed at coordinating national policies in this field. [1]



other Institutes with European Union studies programs:

  • Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in London




In the USA:



European Union Centers of Excellence

The Network of European Union Centers of Excellence comprises ten research universities around the United States. Funded by the European Commission, the group is dedicated to advancing the study of the European Union as an international actor. There are numerous educational resources available from the EUCE 10. Among their most requested offerings are course syllabi for college courses and pedagogical materials for K-12 teachers. In addition, they have a listing of online sites and features that explore specific EU political, social, and cultural issues.


In 2010, grants totaling 3.42 million euros will fund activities for a three year period at the following universities:


The University of North Carolina will serve as Network and Outreach Coordinator, with the goal of promoting cooperation and sharing best practices within the network. North Carolina will also maintain the network website (www.euce.org) providing easy access to research and teaching materials produced by the Centers.






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  1. http://euobserver.com/881/28659 "University scheme for EU studies marks 20 years"

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