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European history

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Key people:

  • Jean Monnet - a French entrepreneur who in the aftermath of the Second World War played a key-role in the creation of what later became the European Union



France, Germany & Russia:  trading alliances


"Between 1871 and 1941 there was a three-player game in continental Europe — France, Germany and Russia. The three shifted alliances with each other, with each shift increasing the chance of war. In 1871, Prussia was allied with Russia when it attacked France. In 1914, The French and Russians were allied against Germany. In 1940, Germany was allied with Russia when it attacked France. The three-player game played itself out in various ways with a constant outcome: war....For Paris, partnership with Germany is the foundation of France’s security policy and economy. If Germany moves into a close security and economic relationship with Russia, France must calculate the effect this will have on France. There has never been a time when a tripartite alliance of France, Germany and Russia has worked because it has always left France as the junior partner. Therefore, it is vital for the Germans to present this not as a three-way relationship but as the inclusion of Russia into Europe, and to focus on security measures rather than economic measures. Nevertheless, the Germans have to be enormously careful in managing their relationship with France."..... Read more: Germany and Russia Move Closer | STRATFOR 


Wars in Europe




Learn more:   Khan Academy



The history of the world (eventually)!

  1. French Revolution (Part 1)
  2. French Revolution (Part 2)
  3. French Revolution (Part 3) - Reign of Terror
  4. French Revolution (Part 4) - The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte
  5. Napoleon and the Wars of the First and Second Coalitions
  6. Napoleon and the War of the Third Coalition
  7. Napoleon and the War of the Fourth Coalition
  8. Napoleon's Peninsular Campaigns
  9. French Invasion of Russia
  10. Napoleon Forced to Abdicate



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