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Thessaloniki, Greece - culture and travel guide

Page history last edited by Brian D Butler 9 years, 8 months ago

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Table of Contents:


Thessaloniki, Greece

NOTE-  we will have 4-5 hours only in town... (and most of this content should be similar to this page:  Athens, Greece - culture and travel guide)


What are the essentials that a tourist with 1 day in the city should know?



Brief history:




Top Attractions:

10-15 top attractions of place


If you only see 1 thing... what should it be?



Language :

10-20 essential words / phrases you should know




 5-10 foods you should try while here:




** see blog post - on foods across Europe: "I’ll tell you about it" - by Alina Kidanova intern




 curious facts about this place:



Practical Info:

 how to get around, save money, find stuff



Nearby our hotel:

  what is our hotel address?  what is nearby? (internet cafes, laundry, cheap eats, etc...) 






Off the beaten track:

places to get away from crowds, discover local attractions





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, with link to facebook ( optional)




Instructions to FN interns:


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