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Turkey - trade with the EU

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European Union – Turkey Customs Union


The EU and Turkey are linked by a Customs Union agreement, which came in force on 31 December 1995, pursuant to the 1963 EU-Turkey Association Agreement, which aims at promoting trade and economic relations. The Customs Union is ambitious but does not cover essential economic areas, such as agriculture, to which bilateral trade concessions apply, services or public procurement.[1]



Turkey:  Other free trade agreements

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"In addition to the Custom Union with the EU, Turkey has signed Free Trade Agreements with EFTA, Israel, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Tunisia, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Egypt, Georgia and Albania. [2]




International Trade data (Turkey):




  • The EU ranks by far as number one in both Turkey's imports and exports while Turkey ranks 7th in the EU's top import and 5th in export markets.  
  • Main Turkish exports markets in 2007 were:
    • the EU (56.4%),
    • Russia (4.4%),
    • USA (3.9%),
    • Romania (3.4%), * should be included in the EU statistics after 2007
    • United Arab Emirates (3.0%)
    • Iraq (2.6%).1
  • Biggest exports 
    • Textiles and transport equipment -- dominate EU imports from Turkey, both accounting for about 24% of the total.
    • machinery (17.7%),
    • agricultural products (7.1%).2




  • Imports into Turkey came from the following key markets:
    • the EU (40.8%),
    • Russia (14.0%),
    • China (7.9%),
    • USA (4.8%),
    • Iran (3.9%)
    • Switzerland (3.1%).3
  • Biggest Imports:
    • Main EU exports to Turkey are machinery (32.2%),
    • transport material (18.6%)
    • and chemical products (16.9%).4


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