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teach English abroad

Page history last edited by Brian D Butler 9 years, 6 months ago


Try to get a professional job in Brazil (or Argentina, Costa Rica, etc)... using your degree (Economics).   Trouble... its difficult for you to do this (a) from the US, and (b) without speaking Portuguese.  So, what you could do.... come to Brazil (or Argentina :- ) on a tourist visa, learn portuguese (or spanish) and work hard while you are here to find a professional (better paying) job .. that will sponsor your work visa.  To make money while you are temporarily looking for full time work... try teaching English. 

is this right...?

If so, then I was thinking...  if I were you, these would be the steps I would take...

  1. prepare your resume...
  2. make it sound better... by giving English-language lessons online NOW (http://www.livemocha.com/).  Make it sound like you have been doing this for a while
  3. look into getting TEFL certified (http://www.teflcorp.com/)
  4. put on your resume as if you already have certificate + experience... (assuming you will have soon)
  5. translate resume to portuguese
  6. Send resume to me + all big English schools in Brazil (see my previous email)
  7. join Linkedin... make your online profile the same as your new / improved resume.... join groups... network, and pass around resume


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