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Global Issues

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  • Select Issue
  • Defense/Homeland Security
  •    Defense Strategy
  •    National Security and Defense
  •    Wars and Warfare
  • Democracy and Human Rights
  •    Elections
  • Economics
  •    Economic Development
  •    Emerging Markets
  •    Financial Crises
  •    International Finance
  •       Intellectual Property
  • Energy/Environment
  •    Climate Change
  •    Energy
  •    Energy Security
  •    Environmental Pollution
  • Global Governance
  •    International Law
  •    International Organizations
  •       NATO
  • Health, Science, and Technology
  • International Peace and Security
  •    Civil Reconstruction
  •    Conflict Prevention
  •    Diplomacy
  •    Humanitarian Intervention
  • Proliferation
  •    Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • Society and Culture
  •    Immigration
  •    Religion
  •    Women
  • Terrorism
  •    Targets for Terrorists
  •    Weapons of Terrorism
  •    Terrorist Attacks
  •    Terrorism and the Law
  • U.S. Strategy and Politics
  •    Foreign Policy History
  •    Media and Foreign Policy
  •       Media and Public Opinion
  •    Presidency
  •    Public Diplomacy



GloboTrends pages on - Global Issues:



  • does globalization favor capital over labor? Has inequality progressed?
  • consider: social unrest, "occupy  wall street" and similar movements globally, protest in Greece, Arab Spring, etc
  • anger at bankers (after financial crisis) 



Global Capitalism - is 20th Century global capitalism failing the 21st century society?







Nov 2011:


Population... 7 billion


Unemployment , growth


Eu social welfare model sustainable?

Integration for peace?

Occupy wall street, ... But top down... Retirement funds, welfare


Developing world

Sustainable innovation

My global entrepreneur class

Entrepreneur week


Culture- business... Innovation, entrepreneurship, development, growth... Way out of debt crisis, government policy, growth model, history, free markets, industrial policy, brazil, import substitute model, vs china, democracy, India, outsourcing, jobs, protectionism, unemployment, stimulus package, monetary policy, Keynes, depression, fed, policy, banks, crisis, occupy wall street


To do:  Create a connection map.... Fit courses within story...Like how online tool I was today showing map of interconnected crisis

Add... more..



Other issues:


- global issues

- see videos from Davos Economic Forum - which can be used in courses? http://www.weforum.org/events/world-economic-forum-annual-meeting-2012?idvideo=99977 










Summit Study Abroad: Discussing Global Issues

see more here: http://www.summitstudyabroad.com/courses.html 


Potential themes of summits might include....

  1. Related to the ongoing economic crisis, students may be asked to ponder whether Greece (or Italy) should exit the Eurozone.  Lectures may lead students through the benefits and drawbacks of exiting the Eurozone, with historical perspectives inserted into real-world examples from guest lecturers from leading companies and organizations.  At the end of the 2+ week summit, students may be asked to offer their recommendations for potential solutions, either as a group or individually.  (Note: a topic similar to this may be proposed when attending a future Summit in either Italy or Greece during a summer program in Europe).
  2. Related to "Culture and Economic Development", students may be asked to consider whether there are benefits to a city (or country) by hosting a large-scale global event such as the Olympics or the World Cup.  During this analysis, students might look at historical examples of places such as Barcelona which used the Olympics in 1992 to spur economic development.  On the other hand, students may look for global examples of over-investment that was later followed by crisis.  Was this the case in Greece with the summer Olympics in Athens in 2004?  Students will take a balanced investigation  looking for roots of the crisis in pre-event investments.  This topic may be discussed in light of London hosting the Olympics this summer 2012, and Brazil in 2016.
  3. Should the EU subsidize agriculture?  Topics for discussion: What effect does the Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) have on world food prices? On developing countries? On free trade of goods and services?  What historical roles have countries like Germany and France played in the development of the CAP? What impact has the expansion of the EU to Eastern Europe had?  Visits:  Potential professional visits to include international organizations in Brussels (EU government), and in Geneva (WTO)
  4. Should the EU continue to expand it geographical reach (to potentially include Turkey as a member)?
  5. International Relations related topic:  Should the EU consider looking for funding (of its ongoing fiscal deficit crisis) from emerging countries such as China, India or Brazil?  What would be the benefits and drawbacks with respect to international relations?  
  6. Foreign Policy related topic:  Should the EU speak with one voice on the global stage?  When dealing with sensitive areas such as national defence, is it possible for the EU to ever speak with one voice?  How might that be possible? Who? How organized?  What are the issues? Fears?






Links from GloboTrends

For potential discussion topics related to "Global Issues", please see our pages:

      0.  Macro Trends & Current topics

  1. Global Economic Crisis 
  2. international development
  3. Globalization issues











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