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Courses: Summit Study Abroad

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About GloboTrends:

Here we look at important global issues and interesting trends, many of which become topics of discussion at our upcoming Summits (a gathering of students and educators to look at global-issues and trends, and to solve interesting problems.)  This wiki is a mixture of an online digital textbook and a collection of notes about global trends, events, places and organizations. This is a resource for students taking courses with Summit Study Abroad.  The wiki is entirely student-generated content; a way for students to share what they read and hear in class with one another.  If you are a student of one of our courses, we welcome you to contribute to this wiki.  Please log in, and share your knowledge... 


How this content will be developed:  

through academic internships and scholarships.  


This is a resource for students taking courses with Summit Study Abroad.  On this page, we are organizing and brainstorming.  Log in: Professors welcome to contribute to course design (login required)



Table of Contents:





Summit: a gathering of students and educators to look at global-issues and trends, and to solve interesting problems.  


Our Courses:


Course Options:


Every student that attends our programs will take two kinds of courses:

  1. Traditional academic course (such as "International Marketing", or "Cross Cultural Communications").   
  2. A summit-style course related to global issues, dealing with a pressing topic of global interest (see list of potential topics listed below)



Learn more:

For more information about how our courses are designed, please visit: Summit Study Abroad - courses  





Summit-style courses: solving Global Issues


"We believe that school can be a place for students and teachers to work together to discuss solutions to some of the world’s most challenging problems.   Therefore, in addition to taking traditional academic courses, students will also be exposed to such topics as:  "Should Greece leave the Eurozone?" (when attending our Summit in Italy or Greece).  Topics of upcoming summits will be established with input from universities, professors and students..."


Topics of upcoming summits will be established with input from universities, professors and students, and may include International Relations, Business, Economics, Innovation, Politics, Society, Culture and more.


Potential themes are found on our Global Issues page...

Quick Links







Academic departments:, Department of Culture & Communication, School of Business,  Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Center for Economic Development  


Business - Culture   -->    Innovation - Entrepreneurship    -->  Economic Development .  





Department of Culture and Communication

  1. culture (landing home page for cross cultural issues) 
  2. cross cultural communication and management
  3. cross cultural experience and careers  
  4. culture and entrepreneurship
  5. Culture issues in Brazil 
  6. Culture, Economic Development and Trade
  7. culture and entrepreneurship
  8. Culture issues in Brazil
  9. Global mindset
  10. International Business
  11. Global Citizenship
  12. cross cultural experience and careers 
  13. cultural differences of different places - tips to be aware of 
  14. Regional Guides



School of Business:

  1. Market / Competition Research
  2. Going Global
  3. Entrepreneurship-Global
  4. Country Guides
  5. International Finance
  6. Currency Issues
  7. international economics
  8. Trade
  9. Strategy
  10. More Business Topics:
  11. Global Economic Crisis


Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation



  1. entrepreneur (landing home page for all of our topics Entrepreneurial) 
  2. Entrepreneurship-Global
  3. Raising Money links from GloboTrends





  1. Innovation (landing home page for all of our topics Entrepreneurial) 
  2.  see also:  Technology   ,   entrepreneur,    innovation clusters  ,  product development




Center for Economic Development


  1. Development - economic development  (folder)
  2. Development issues
  3. Economic Development
  4. economic development and geography
  5. are authoritarian governments better at fast-economic development
  6. entrepreneurship and economic development
  7. culture and entrepreneurship
  8. Development think-tanks
  9. Sustainable development
  10. globalization  




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