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areas of potential conflict (internationally)

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Areas of potential conflict (internationally)

... to keep an eye on...







"China's foreign ministry berated Japan after the mayor of Nagoya told a delegation from Nanjing that a massacre of civilians by the Japanese in the Chinese city in 1937 probably never happened. Japan's occupation of China is an historically thorny issue for the two countries. Nanjing severed its sister-city ties with Nagoya in response. " February 2012, source: The Economist


China - India


  1. disputed land border between two countries
  2. Tibet issue - Dalai Lama in India = source of friction 



South China Seas:



India - Pakistan


disputed land border between two countries


Cyprus (Greece-Turkey)


impediment to Turkey's ascension to the European Union 


Israel - Iran

see Trends in the Middle East and Arab states and IsraelIran



Russia - Georgia

while quiet now, the southern border of Russia with Georgia could potentially be a flash point again (?)







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